Medicabil Hospital opened its doors in 2011 to be able to be a part of resolving any of your health problems. We aim to provide the highest quality service, giving you the greatest satisfaction at the minimum cost.

Every member of our dedicated highly – trained professional team is proud to offer service which makes a difference.

About Us

Technological and Physical Infrastructure

One of the key elements to ensure perfection in all services we provide is our modern technological infrastructure. For this reason we continuously monitor all technological developments and keep improving our technological infrastructure to improve effectiveness, quality and efficiency of our services.

Thanks to our advanced technological infrastructure and more importantly our team consisting experts in various fields, we provide reliable services at international standards with strict compliance to ethics, respect to patients and patient rights, full dedication to safety of employees and patients and always aiming at contributing in quality and sustainability of scientific and academic studies.

Thanks to our state-of-art radiologic devices, we offer all types of diagnostic and interventional radiological procedures. All our laboratories are equipped with high-end equipment and hardware. During diagnostic processes, the tests conducted in our laboratories are completed in the shortest time interval that technology can offer today. Thanks to our unceasing monitoring on science and technology, our devices are always updated and thus can produce results at internationally accepted quality levels which is a fact continuously confirmed by international quality control centers.

Medicalbil Hospital was designed in due consideration to hospital ergonomics. Our building offers its services in an indoors area of 9 thousand square meters divided in seven floors. In Medicabil Hospital, every patient, including outpatients can choose and change the physician providing services to them. Our service areas are always improved and continuously expanded by addition of new units. You can find detailed information on our service areas on our website.

While providing easily accessible health services to all those needing them, we keep all our records on patients on automated “Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)” an PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) with full compliance to confidentiality of information which is an unbreakable ethical rule for us. On HIMS, all registries of our patients can be completed in shortest time to allow our expert health team to allocate more time for a quality healthcare to our patients.

Inpatient rooms are designed by use of advanced technology. In room designs, all of daily needs of our patients were considered to make our patients feel comfort and safety in their rooms. The simplistic and specious design provides just that feeling. Also, special resting areas are provided for hospital attendants. Throughout the hospital, the needs of the patients are prioritized down to the smallest detail.

Created with a patient-oriented approach, our operating rooms satisfy requirements of international standards. In fact two of our OR’s have sufficient equipment to accommodate organ transplantation operations. In all our halls, the physician can access to all medical records of the patient (radiological, laboratory results, exam reports, etc) as they are needed. For scientific organizations, we have a system that allows establishment of a video conference between the operating rooms and conference hall. Also, central sterilization unit is positioned and equipped in line with scientific rules.

Our Internal Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units satisfy intensive care criteria at all levels. Equipped with state-of-art devices, our intensive care units are continuously monitored through central monitor system which ensures remote access for physicians to monitor and follow-up the patient at all times. In order to ensure continuity and safety, all of our systems are powered through uninterrupted power supplies.

Mission & Vision & Quality Policy


  • By combining the strength of human expertise with an advanced technology infrastructure,
  • Which respects patients’ rights,
  • Which complies with all ethical regulations,
  • Which is reliable,
  • Which is easily accessible to all in need both nationally and internationally.


  • Our vision is to be a continuously developing and improving healthcare center;
  • Where there is the highest level of both patient and staff satisfaction,
  • Which is an indispensable reference center at both national and international level for both patients and the whole community, brought about by our contribution to improving the quality of healthcare through our scientific and academic studies.

Quality Policy

  • To develop our corporate identity and to achieve our vision, We are committed to;
  • Respect patients and their relatives right
  • Comply with our values,
  • Apply ethical principles
  • Giving healtcare service with national and international standards while respecting to legal regulations
  • We are commiting sustainable improvement of effective management systems under the lights of Lean Management approach

Our Values

The supreme asset of MEDICABIL Hospital is its personnel. Our values are the primary principles defining the course of conduct of our personnel and constitute the basis of MEDICABIL corporate culture.

Our values that lead the way for our delivery of service are


MEDICABIL cares for and pays homage to its patients thanks to the debonaire service mentality of its personnel. We try to understand the future needs of our patients while satisfying their current requirements and expectations.


MEDICABIL personnel at all times are keyed up about diverging with the services they render by taking the advantage of science and focused on distinction.


Our human resources are the most precious asset of our organisation. We will take benefit of our personnel’s knowledge, skills and experiences through our course to our vision.


We, MEDICABIL personnel, exercise due diligence for safeguarding and keeping confidential all kind of information related with our patients and our organisation.


MEDICABIL personnel perform all their duties and activities holding the rights of patients’ and their relatives in esteem.


MEDICABIL personnel perform all their activities in conformity with ethical values.


MEDICABIL personnel presents law-abiding manner in all their activities.


The safety of our personnel, our patients, their families and all other humans which have interaction with our activities is under our responsibility. Consequently, it is our principal objective to minimize hazards arising out of our activities.


Our hospital considers it a competence to raise awareness among our personnel and to minimize negative impacts due to our activities in order to contribute to the generation of a habitable world.


As MEDICABIL Hospital, we give credence to the significance of implementing quality management systems and continuous improvement of those in line with the ever-changing circumstances and our needs based on our quality policy.