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At Medicabil Hospital, we offer a wide range of check-up programmes for people of all ages and nationalities.

We offer a wide variety of packages, that is designed to provide you with personalized health services which best fit your individual needs. You can select from an extensive list of check-up packages that can be custom designed in consultation with one of physicians. Physical examination including laboratory tests, cardiac, internal disease and diagnostics imaging studies are all carried out within the Medicabil Hospital. The doctor will then review the tests results in details with you. You will receive soft copy of diagnostic images, hard copy of evaluation report and all laboratory results in your preferred language (Arabic, Azerian, Deutsch, English, French, etc…)

Check-up Packages List

To find out which check up package is best for you or to book an appointment, please call the International Patient Department / Check-up Service Desk at +90 532 336 08 68

The International Patient Department is open 7/24

If you have any questions about packages, please feel free to contact us and one of the colleagues at International Patient Department will respond to you as soon as possible.

Strengths of the Program

1) Comprehensive screening. The tailored program covers all the significant areas of your health concerns with the flexibility to meet the needs of each patient.

2) In-depth consultation. The doctor will spend time with you discussing your health and provide counseling regarding your specific health issues.

3) All tests are conducted under one roof. Medicabil Hospital has a complete range of testing and diagnostic equipment.

4) All reports in your preferred language. We provide hard copy and soft copy of reports in so many languages. (Arabic, Azerian, Deutsch, English, French, etc…)

5) Professional staff. Bilingual staff and overseas trained allied health professionals are available to answer any queries.

6) Personal service. One of our foreign language speaking colleagues at International Patient Department will welcome and accompany you throughout the whole process.